Experienced Riders Trail

This is a lovely option for experienced riders. Riders who join this trail must be able to Trot and Canter and be able to keep up with the group. Unfortunately we cannot accommodate beginners on this ride at all.

This ride is only available on Mondays, Wednesday, And Fridays from 3:00 till 5:00 pm. Minimum of 2 persons needed for this trail to go ahead. If you are coming alone, please slot in with one of the rides that are going ahead.

Please note this trail options IS NOT available on public holidays as we cater for too many inexperienced riders on public holidays to accommodate this option.

A lovely horseback experienced designed for experienced riders. 

The ride goes out on the La'WiiDA Lodge gamefarm, wildlife is viewed on the ride.

Wildlife that can be seen includes: Giraffes, Zebra, Blue wildebeest, Red Hartebees, Impala, Nyala, Kudu, Springbuck, Fallow Deer and more.

On the stretches where the ground is not too rocky, the pace goes faster to a trot or canter. As we do not want to exhaust the horses, we do not run the full 2 hours, there are pieces where the horses will walk and  view wildlife.

After 1 hour the trail stops at a pit stop for a water break. After 15 mins the trail commences again.

Please only book this option if you are an experienced rider. 

Children age from 10 and older and who rides very well can join.

(Please NOTE: This trail option is ONLY available Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays 

On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays the trail time is at 3 PM till 5 PM.

TO BOOK this trail please email [email protected] or whatsapp.sms or phone Charmaine on 064 907 48 27

Lawiida Lodge is situated only 15km outside Hartbeespoort on the R511. Gauteng.

Only 30 mins from Centurion and Midrand and only 50 mins from Johannesburg and Pretoria.